IPhone 14: The release of the iPhone 13 is not over and news about the cameras and screen is already leaking

The iPhone 14 will have new cameras and an updated screen. (Photo: Hypertext)

It has not been more than a month since this happened Apple Has introduced its new generation mobile phones and important information about the next generation is already leaked. Now, some special media have reported the details of the screen iPhone 14 Pro Cameras that may be released next year.

We know Apple And Samsung, Their main visual supplier, they have a difficult relationship. In addition, they recently agreed to make OLED screens for the next tablets from the manufacturer of the bitten apple. Apple knew that LG To take advantage of its technology. And it looks like this deal will continue.

This is revealed from the statement issued MyDrivers, LG Display claims to have started developing UTC technology (camera with its abbreviated screen in English)

Very interesting in the details obtained This perforated screen will be operated by the company founded by Steve Jobs. This ensures that the next generation of Apple phones, or at least the more vitaminized models, will finally get off the peak.

The iPhone 14 screen changes

The special portal explained that the length of the screen, the layout of the rear cameras and the removal of the ‘mini’ device will be some of the innovations that will be in the iPhone 14 launch. IPodsite.

On the screen, the main change is the length of the screen. The media reported that it would cover all locations without the usual “notch” where the front camera and infrared sensors are located. This space, which currently covers the top of the iPhone screens, disappears, leading to a small gap inserted where the front camera is.

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IPhone 14 rear camera changes

As for the rear cameras, the novelty involves removing the extended volume from the device. On the iPhone 14, all three cameras will be connected directly to the device, the portal added. Another innovation is the removal of the ‘Mini’ iPhone, the most accessible version of the latest Apple phones.

This way, there will be two phones with a 6.1-inch screen and the other two with a 6.7-inch screen., Special Portal Ipadizate Completed.

This is the prototype of the iPhone 14:

Prototype del iphone 14. (Twitter: applezuela)
Prototype del iphone 14. (Twitter: applezuela)

Possible specifications for iPhone 14 Pro Max

Rumor has it that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be completely removed from the notch., As previously mentioned. There should be a punch hole selfie camera.

Apple is said to be putting Face ID sensors under the display. The result will be an iPhone with a completely new look and feel. Another notable design Contains the removal of swelling of the camera.

Also, the volume buttons on the iPhone 14 are said to be different. In particular, the volume buttons are circular in shape.

Below is a prototype of what the iPhone 14 Pro Max will look like:

Prototype Dell iPhone 14 Pro Max.  (Photo: First Page Technology)
Prototype Dell iPhone 14 Pro Max. (Photo: First Page Technology)

Finally, expect the biggest improvement in camera performance on the iPhone 14. A few months ago, the famous researcher, மிஞ்சி குவோ, Mentioned that Apple is the next gen iPhone “Cellphone camera takes photography to the next level” It has a 48 megapixel sensor on the back.

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TSMC does not come with the 4-nanometer chip for the iPhone 14

TSMC and Apple have had a very close relationship for many years. The Taiwanese corporation is responsible for manufacturing some of the most important parts of the California company’s phones and other devices. Among them, TSMC manufactures iPhone processors.

The iPhone 14 does not come with the Chip A16.  (Photo: La Neta Neta)
The iPhone 14 does not come with the Chip A16. (Photo: La Neta Neta)

If this transition is finally made possible, the iPhone 14 will benefit from having the nanometer technology to build the Apple A16 Bionic, which will result in a power increase of close to 11% and 22% energy savings. At the same time, Apple may increase the number of A16 Bionic transistors by 6%. But this will happen, and finally if 4 nanometers are ready in time, we do it again.

However, the delay in the evolution of TSMC’s technology will be a relief to its competitors. Mainly for Samsung, this could bridge the gap between Koreans and Taiwanese for future generations. However, Samsung has said that all its 3 nanometers have been postponed until 2023. So next season looks like an interesting fight between the two companies.

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