Albert Ellis: ‘This is a good opportunity to recover from the bad times we came from’ – Ten

Albert Ellis, Player of Girondins de Bordeaux, France, arrived in San Pedro Sula this Monday night. Honduras national team The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will clash with Panama on Friday due to the CONCACOP’s outlook towards the World Cup.

Honduran spoke to the forward media about what he expects in these November duels against Panama and Costa Rica.

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“As always, try to do things well, we know we’ll have a hard time, but try to do things better” were his first words.

Albert Ellis Kill or tie in Friday’s World Cup qualifier against Panama is clear.

“Everyone knows what we’re playing for and we will fight until there are possibilities for it. It’s a beautiful opportunity to recover from the worst moment we’ve had,” Catrocho said.

For the image of National selection “Soko” took advantage of Lozano’s good moment and now the presence of players like Brian Roses, who scored the goal, is crucial. “It simply came to our notice then Choice“.

About the new DT Honduras, Hernán “Bolillo” Gómez, thinks so Albert Ellis: I hope he is an experienced coach and will bring good things to the national team.

Albert Ellis says he is 100 percent ready to face Panama on Friday for the World Cup qualifiers. Photo TEN: Yoseph Amaya.

Albert Ellis He believes he can get six points in these two commitments coming up for H. “It’s not easy for us as players. It’s everyone’s mindset to try to recover from the moment we went through.

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Andy Nazar’s leave and its moment in France

On the other hand, to Albert Ellis L.They asked about the decision not to let Andy Nazar come Honduras national team.

What else: “Elise has scored 10 goals in 2 years in Europe, and some people think of him as Vinicius,” says the Panamanian journalist.

“We all know what Andy did, he had a hard time, I understand as a player, it’s not easy to lose his career in those three years, many people do not see this, no. Everything is easy, “he said.

Ellis says she is in good physical condition compared to previous matches. “We know I’ve been injured for three months, I played a game, I came to the October tournament and now I’m coming in with more rhythm,” he stressed.

Finally, he was asked about the experience of Neymar and Mbabane facing the PSG, where he was able to score the keeler Navas goal.

“Since I went to Europe, my mood has been going on for me, thank God, it will continue, I will continue to grow, improve and try to take every opportunity given to me,” he said. Ellis.

He said of meeting Mbabane at the weekend: “Things that happen within the game are normal. He never told me anything.”

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