He played on the Lakers and was LeBron’s teammate, but he liked Curry and was cut by the Warriors.


A player on the Los Angeles Lakers and a teammate of LeBron James’ favorite Stephen Curry, he moved to the Golden State Warriors and was cut for the 2022-23 NBA.

Mac McClung with the Golden State Warriors
© Takashi Aoyama/Getty ImagesMac McClung with the Golden State Warriors

Life’s twists and turns. Get the deal NBA It’s not easy, what happened to him sometimes in search of better opportunities The main player in this story. played Los Angeles Lakers and was accomp LeBron James, But preferred Stephen Curry And it’s official that it made the cut Golden State Warriors.

At just 23 years of age, the point guard was poised to become a team player LeBron and Curry Within a year. He played in the 2021-22 NBA season Chicago Bulls One game and two points scored. He later moved to the Lakers, playing 22 minutes and recording 6 points, 3 rebounds and an assist in a win against the Denver Nuggets on April 10, 2022. James didn’t play that game.

Everything seemed to point to it Mac McClung He has made a good impression on the Los Angeles Lakers since his start on the team’s roster for the 2022 NBA Summer League. The point guard scored 26 points in two games. He appeared in the uniform of Golden State Warriors.

McClung He signed a contract to remain in Warriors training camp to make Golden State’s roster in the 2022-23 edition, and despite recording nine points, two rebounds and two assists in a 104-to-95 win over the Dubs. Washington Wizards In the second postseason game, the Dubs decided to make it official that Mack was gone.

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He played on the Lakers, but he liked Curry and was cut by the Warriors in the NBA

“2022 NBA Champion, The Golden State Warriors waived (cut or released) guard Mack McClung and forward Trevian Williams.”, The official dubs press release was part of the report. For now, ex-partner LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers He won’t play with Stephen Curry.

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