Thermoelectric Antonio Guiteras is once again ceasing its production

This Monday, October 3, shortly after 7:00 a.m., the Cuban Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE) Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas abandoned the National Electricity System (SEN). The reason was that its boiler suffered fresh damage with water leakage and its operations could not be confirmed.

The Eumurian CTE returned to SEN on Sunday night after fixing a problem with the control panel and generator. In Part of the dayCuba’s Electricity Union (UNE) reported production of 1,930 MW and demand of 1,950 MW.

With this difference, there was practically enough electricity to meet the demand of the entire country. Other information related to other CTEs on the island was also provided.

Other power plants without supplying power

Earlier in the week, it was confirmed that units 6 and 7 of CTE Mariel were not generating power due to a breakdown. Otto Barrellada CTE and Unit 3 of Santa Cruz del Norte CTE in Mayabeque were paralyzed.

No. 4 of Neuvitas CDE in Gamay and No. 2 of Lidio Ramon Perez de Felton CDE in Holguin are also out of action. 4 failure and 3 for maintenance of CTE Rende in Santiago de Cuba complete the group of detained power plants.

Panorama ensures the lack of energy production through thermal generation and distributed generation. The Matanzas CTE was expected to contribute 230 MW during the hour of peak current use this Monday.

Synchronization with SEN today of Energas Unit 2 in the municipality of Mayabeque, Jaruco was in the forecast. The power generation of this plant was about 60 MW, but due to unforeseen events, the plan could not be complied with.

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