Nicolás Maduro announced the return to Venezuela of the UN embassy he had expelled

Nicolas Maduro (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria/File Photo)

Dictator of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro, He announced on Tuesday that he would be returning to the country of office United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, He was expelled in February after raising concerns about the activist's arrest Rocio San Miguel.

Maduro made the announcement in the presence of a lawyer for the International Criminal Court. Karim KhanHe celebrated the announcement by investigating Venezuela for possible crimes against humanity.

In a televised broadcast, Maduro said he had received a proposal from Khan to reopen the UN human rights office in Venezuela: ''I agree that I am ready to receive Volker's ambassador, Turk, to overcome the differences, the conflicts between us. Miraflores Palace is open.

“I am ready to receive Ambassador Volker Turk”he added.

Khan, who opened the ICC prosecutor's office in Caracas on Tuesday, said he was “very grateful to Maduro for my request to allow the UN High Commissioner's office to return to Venezuela.” Translation

The High Commissioner revealed.“Deeply concerned” by the arrest of Rocio San Miguel in February. An expert on military affairs, he was indicted on terrorism charges related to a plot to kill Maduro.

“This decision was taken because of the inappropriate role that this institution has created, which is far from being shown as an impartial institution, “It became the private law firm of a group of conspirators and terrorists who are perpetually plotting against the country.”The president of the Venezuelan regime had said at the time. Yuan Gill.

File photo of former Venezuelan official Rocio San Miguel Sosa (EFE/Jeffrey Arguedas)

“The suspension will continue until they publicly correct their colonial, abusive and transgressive attitude towards the United Nations Charter before the international community,” he added.

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The Technical Advisory Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights was established in Venezuela in 2019 when former President Michael Bachlett He held that position.

Before leaving office, Bachelet said Venezuela had made progress on human rights but still had “a lot to do”.

His successor, Volker Turk, visited Venezuela in January 2023, when it was agreed that the office would continue to operate for another two years. During his stay, he encouraged the authorities to release all those arbitrarily detained and urged them to take steps to end torture.

The commissioner later met various sectors of civil society and government officials to address complaints about extrajudicial executions. He also pointed out that there are restrictions on access to some detention centers in the country.

The main task of the Technical Office is to “provide support for the effective implementation of the recommendations made” in the High Commissioner's reports to the Human Rights Council. Since 2019, there have been at least six reports on the situation in Venezuela.

The UN Embassy in its “Deep concern” for the arrest of the human rights defender in February Rocio San Miguel And Nicolás Maduro's regime asserted “Ending the tide of repressionAgainst escalating protests across the country.

“Venezuelan security forces detained Rocio San MiguelHead of the organization Citizen control, when she tried to board a plane with her daughter at Simon Bolivar International Airport. Attorney General He accused him of being involved in an attempted conspiracy Against the President Nicolás Maduro and other senior officers, as well as engaged in attacks against military units and other institutions across the country,” the mission described.

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