The hackers demanded money to release “stolen” data from the Auto Express system

Director of Highway AuthorityEdwin Gonzalez confirmed this morning that the hackers affected his service Auto Express Asked for money to release They “hijacked” data.

“It simply came to our notice then. I can not go into details because I do not want to affect the investigationGonzalez said in a radio interview (WKAQ – 580 AM).

“But, in a data transfer note, what they are doing is they are demanding an X sum,” he added.

When asked if they were asking for millions of dollars, Gonzalez replied, “I do not want to enter without affecting the process.”

When asked the same question again, he replied: “Yes, x is the amount of money in dollars.”

When the government provided information about the hack during a press conference last Monday, Nannette Martínez, interim managing director of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS), noted that “no money was demanded.”

He pointed out that the hackers had left only a hint that they should be contacted to release the so-called “ransonware” data.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, pointed out that at this point, the system could not be restarted to restart the service, so no penalties were recorded.

He reiterated that there was no evidence that the data of persons registered in the AutoExpress system was compromised.

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