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Is one of the key components of But not so much for him , Lost the degree there for a few months and went into the background. In this way, the midfielder gave an interview to Utopian Jaime Ferraro about his present in Spain.

“There are those who love you and those who do not love you, which is normal. Especially when I said they are only getting better for the national team or I take care of myself.He started by saying ‘Cabezón’.

“You can tell me what you want, but it’s always annoying me, to the point of crying, to be told that I’m a bad professional.Renato added Tobia.

“Last year when I played in 32 games in less than a year, why did they not say that to a national team? Not playing and not playing for the national team, yes, they’ve always called me to the national team, I would never hesitate to go. “Sentenced.

Numbers of Renato Tobias in Zelda de Vigo

This season, Renato has played a total of 28 games with Zelda de Vigo between Tobias La Liga and the Copa del Rey. However, in practice half the games come from the bench.

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