They change the name of Mr. Potato’s head to neutral gender

New York- The classic plastic potato toy gets a new gender-neutral name, simply “potato head”, the New York Post reports that toy maker Hasbro is removing the “Mr.” part.

The company says it needs a new, modern product for the potato head that went on sale nearly 70 years ago. The toy’s new nickname will start appearing in boxes next year.

Some praised the change, while others called the vegetable half-baked to label it “non-binary”.

“Mr Potato’s head will always be a potato. Hasbro can’t remove genitals from a potato, it never started,” one observer tweeted.

Others wondered about the fate of Ms. Potato’s head, which began in 1953 with traditional women’s accessories such as hairpins and red heels.

“What I want to know is are they going to remove Ms. Potato’s head?” Asked a Twitter user.

There is no word on the preferred nickname of the potato head, nor does he have his trademark black mustache.

Hasbro’s move comes after several toy makers renewed their brands to appeal to today’s children, including the Barbie doll, which shed her blonde figure and gained a product to add more skin tones and body shapes.

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