These are the hobbies that smart people usually engage in, according to science

These activities usually force the brain to use different complex skills at the same time (picture information)

Do you enjoy reading a good book, exercising regularly, and one of your passions is reading? If you answered yes to all of these activities, then you probably are A smarter person More than average, because according to various scientific articles, these hobbies tend to be among the favorite hobbies of people with greater intelligence.

But they are not the only ones. Here we leave you a list of activities that smart people usually practice and that you can include in your list of hobbies if you want to improve your cognitive skills.

They meditate

There are studies that have shown that meditation increases the cortical thickness of the hippocampus, which is one of the areas responsible for regulating functions such as learning and teaching. memory Therefore, people who practice meditation regularly can increase these abilities, and thus their cognitive abilities. This makes them smarter.

One of these studies, A study conducted by Harvard University showed that meditation is able to modify the structure of the brain.

This activity helps create better neural connections (illustration)

They play a musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument continuously can be considered a type of brain sport, as performing this activity requires the brain to activate areas that process many different skills at the same time, such as vision, hearing, movement, and memory. In addition, playing an instrument strengthens the relationship between the two Cerebral hemispheres.

Playing a musical instrument requires activating several skills at the same time Shutterstock 162

They exercise regularly

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Although it may seem that exercise and intelligence are not related to each other, the truth is that they are Information From Harvard University, this activity greatly enhances brain health because it improves its ability to oxygenate. From this standpoint, exercise is vital for brain health, which… The organ responsible for thought.

They love learning languages

People who speak two or more languages ​​or who are in the process of learning a new language usually develop greater intelligence because learning a new language is one of the most cognitively demanding activities there is.

Learning new languages ​​also requires improving memory Greater ability to concentrate To process new and complex information.

People who speak two or more languages ​​tend to be more intelligent (illustration)

They love to travel

People who travel frequently tend to be more intelligent because they are constantly confronted with realities different from their own, according to researchers. Information From the European Psychological Society. Knowing the different ways of perceiving life helps people improve their abilities to understand other contexts, in addition to what they constantly encounter when traveling Process new information and solve a large number of problems or unexpected situations.

When traveling we process a large amount of information and improve our problem-solving abilities (Getty)

They read frequently

There is no doubt that this activity should be on the list because reading is one of the activities most closely associated with great intelligence. Reading requires the development of skills Improving brain functions Like the Memory, concentration and information retention

Reading is the activity most closely linked to increased intelligence (illustration)

They play video games

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Contrary to what you might think, as there is a stigma surrounding this activity, playing video games is a very mentally demanding activity due to the large number of skills the brain has to activate at the same time.

according to Stady Playing video games, conducted by the Oberta University of Catalonia, helps significantly improve memory as well as motor skills and reaction ability, because doing this activity generates structural changes in the brain, including an increase in the size of certain areas.

The study indicates that these skills are further enhanced if people play video games at an early age and tend to be maintained over time even when a person stops playing.

Video games are usually associated with non-productive activity (Getty)

Intelligence is an always-praised skill that we would all like to have because it is a mental faculty that allows us to learn, understand, reason, and, in general, make better decisions. Greater intelligence is associated with a better ability to find creative solutions to life’s challenges and adapt better to different circumstances.

It is worth noting that intelligence and cognitive abilities increase more in people who perform two or more activities on this list. Now you know that if you want to increase your intelligence, memory, or problem-solving ability, feel free to include some of these activities in your hobbies.

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