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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rio Grande Senior Residence (RAM) became the permanent home for seniors who had until then been hospitalized at Rio Grande Regional Hospital. Since then, the Foundation has not stopped developing and housing elderly people suffering from various diseases, under permanent health controls.

At the intersection of Moscone and Pierabuena, the Residence for Seniors of the Rio Grande (RAM) — operated by Rio Grande Regional Hospital — provides consistent, personalized care to the 16 permanent residents who call this facility home.

The building, donated by YPF, was designed with the comfort and special needs of residents in mind, and includes eight bedrooms, air-conditioned bathrooms, a living room, a dining room and workshop space.

Gabriela Ginza, President of RAM, highlighted the commitment of the care team, made up of three nurses per shift, kitchen and teaching staff, who ensure the well-being and comfort of the grandparents. In addition, the Foundation conducts regular medical visits, with a hospital specialist coming twice a week to conduct medical examinations.

Comprehensive care is not only limited to the medical aspects, but also includes a focus on the emotional well-being of the residents. A psychiatrist, as commissioner, visits the residence three times a week, providing emotional support and therapy to those who need it. In addition, kinesiology is an essential part of care, with at least two weekly visits to a specialized institution.

Ginza emphasized the vision of expanding RAM services to benefit the entire senior living community in Rio Grande. In this sense, it is planned to establish a kinesiology clinic where care will be provided not only to residents, but also to other elderly people in the city.

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With a focus on comprehensive care and quality of life for its residents, Rio Grande Senior Residence is positioned as a cornerstone in supporting the county's senior living community.

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