Miley puts flat Earther at the head of the Science and Technology Committee

Argentina remains the special testing ground for Javier Miley. With the economy sinking and freedoms in question, Argentina's controversial president has made headlines again after deciding to appoint him Lilia Lemoine As Secretary of the House Science and Technology Committee. An appointment that sparked a wave of controversy, not only because of Lemoine's previous career as a makeup artist and cosplay designer, but more so because of her public statements challenging established scientific knowledge, including her commitment to… Flat grounding.

Lemoine was a controversial figure, known for his positions that challenged conventional science. One of his most prominent statements emphasized this “There are no commercial flights across the Pacific.” Which, in her opinion, would be evidence that Earth is flat. Furthermore, he questioned the authenticity of the moon landing, stating that it could have been staged, and that since 1972 there had been no manned missions because “NASA admitted that the technology needed to return was lost.” On another occasion, he asked: “Why do world governments want to hide from humanity that the Earth is flat and that there is a great wall of ice surrounding it?” These statements, among others, have caused consternation among science advocates, who see them as a rejection of the basic principles of the scientific method.

Lemoine's appointment generated a A lively debate about the relationship between politics and science. Lemoine, representing the Libertad Avanza party, assumed her new position on Tuesday, and since then the criticism has not stopped. Some defend his appointment, pointing to his experience in the private communications sector and his specialization in information technology. However, others argue that his personal beliefs could negatively impact the direction of the committee, whose responsibility is to promote the country's scientific and technological development.

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The controversy intensifies when considering The crucial role played by the Science and Technology Committee In promoting and developing scientific policies in the country. With science and technology being fundamental pillars of the progress and well-being of society, the election of a public figure who has expressed views contrary to established scientific evidence raises questions about the future of research and innovation in Argentina.

The situation has led to the establishment of a network of authorities of science and technology institutes (Raisit) to express your concern. RAICYT, together with the Federal Table of Science and Technology, has submitted letters from companies and business chambers expressing their interest they of the direction the committee might take under LeMoyne's supervision.

In a global context where Science and technology are essential to the progress and competitiveness of nationsAppointing a figure who has expressed opinions contrary to established scientific evidence represents a challenge to the Argentine scientific community. The controversy surrounding Lemoine is a reflection of the tension between personal beliefs and scientific knowledge, and raises questions about how these beliefs influence public policy and the perception of science in society.

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