Dan Felipe’s greeting to then-journalist Leticia Ortiz

Felipe de Bourbon congratulates Leticia Ortiz

The Kings Philip and the love story LeticiaIt sounds like something A fairy tale, there are many iconic and essential images that perfectly reflect what the relationship between the king and his wife was like over time. in it Photo album for memory There is one thing that cannot be missed, which we are talking about right now when we are not less than twenty It’s been years since it was taken.

A Symbolic anniversary That brings us directly to the first years of this 21st century, specifically A October 24, 2003. On that Friday, a grand awarding ceremony was taking place in Ovia. Prince of Asturias AwardsPrestigious awards that recognize outstanding contributions and indispensable contributions of various professionals in various fields around the world.

Leticia Ortiz, who was then in her homeland Star Anchor of TVE News. That is, the main face of the public network to cover the event to the audience. The ceremony will be held as usual at the Compomore Theater, while the company’s journalists have their own activities. Rooms at the famous Reconquista Hotel Implemented for the occasion.

Leticia Ortiz in the news

Leticia Ortiz in the news

As was customary in previous years, the heir to the throne passed through the compound I congratulate the members of the press team Coverage is responsible. There, at that moment, that scene occurred, which at first had no relevance, soon took on all the significance and meaning in the world. Don Felipe shook the famous communicator’s hand and they smiled at each other..

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The host of La 1’s telediario newscast wore a smart suit, while the son of Juan Carlos I and Doña Sofia wore a tie in a classic blue gentleman’s look. On that date, Their relationship was still secret and brewed for a year.. So, the apparent complicity in his eyes at that time could only be understood days after everything came to light.

Don Felipe greets Maria Escario

Don Felipe greets Maria Escario

You can also see who was present next to them in the snapshot General Director of Spanish Radio Television, José Antonio Sánchez (2002-2004), after a decade he took over as the President of the Corporation (2014-2018). He also approached other members of that editorial board, such as the current King Popularity Maria EscarioWhere we see in the second photo Now the queen He comes out of his role With hands in pockets and a slightly blushing gesture.

As a curious fact, recognitions – it was born in 1981 and Since 2014 they have been renamed the Princess of Asturias Awards. They fell for some well-known names internationally in 2003. This is the case of the best-selling British author J.K. Rowling, author of history Harry Potter, In Concordia Division; Catalan painter Michel Barcello (art); Tour de France (Sports) and German Philosopher Jürgen Habermas (Social Sciences) and others.

The future kings announce their engagement

The future kings announce their engagement

A week after Gala said, The kinship of the future kings was known Media and events will accelerate. Casa Real confirmed it on the 1st of November, hours after the news broke, on the 3rd of the same month. An unforgettable press conference of the couple in the Prince’s Pavilion Gardens, where They announced their commitment. What happened next is also history.

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