Museum 450, a space to display great cultural works

City Museum 450 director Lucero Acosta Hernandez explained that the City Museum has also become an open space for creators of local, national and international cultural works.

The museum director stressed that “the museum currently includes a display room for wonderful photographs, religious architecture and historical monuments of the state of Querétaro, which have won the admiration of many tourists.”

On the part of the museum administration, there is a great openness to receiving the works of other artists, not only photographs but also products such as: handicrafts, clothing and jewelry.

In the same sense, Lucero Acosta added that there is support from a group of young people from Durango, who mainly focus on choosing the works or products to be displayed, and this is done through the “Camino Real de Tierra Adentro” rooms. And they are published.

The various attractions that the City Museum has have allowed the number of visitors to increase by up to 15%, which is why the director stressed that they will continue to work on innovation so that artists seek to display their works in the museum, and in this way increase the number of people who visit it.

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