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CNET, a portal that specializes in technology and science, was launched shortly after its launch. The róver diligence NASA used a microphone to hear the wind on Mars. He now realizes what that wind can do.

Tuesday, The NASA It shared the view of the rover blowing dust over the Martian landscape.

(Leah: Colombian who protects the energetic heart of perseverance).

The diligence team released two GIFs on social media. One shows the larger view and the other shows the magnified view.

“You can see this in the distance behind my robot arm in this advanced / processed view,” NASA wrote. “The dust devil moves from right to left and creates dust loops in his path.”

Mars is a badly dusty and windy place, making it the perfect environment for dust edis, some of which can reach high proportions.

The rover’s perspective provides a ground-level perspective of the event, which is also sometimes seen from orbit. Earlier this month, NASA Shared a snapshot of the hurricane taken by his spacecraft Mars Renaissance Orbit.

(If you read us from the app, watch the diligence video here).

This may mark the first dust devil sight of the vehicle of diligence, but it will not be the last. NASA’s other operating Mars rover, Curiosity, saw the role of its active spin.

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Dust ghosts are not only fun to watch, they are also useful for robot researchers. NASA is waiting for a hurricane to destroy the dusty solar panels of its standard Insight lander.

Diligence begins its scientific work, so expect vast views of the wild air on Mars.

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According to NASA, Mars is responsible for zodiac light.

This is where the first traces of perseverance lie on Mars.

Early Tuesday weather was incessantly hot.


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