According to NASA, a known and nearby asteroid may collide with Earth in the near future

According to the new report, Bennu, discovered in 1999, It could enter Earth’s orbit and hit in 2182. According to the report, the probability of this happening is 1 in 2,700 or 0.037%.

If this asteroid hits Earth It will release 1,200 megatons of energy, which is 24 times the energy of man-made nuclear weaponsAccording to IFLScience. As scientists calculated in 2019, the one that wiped out the dinosaurs had the power of 10 billion nuclear bombs.

Bennu passes Earth every six years and has had three close encounters with our planet in 1999, 2005 and 2011, experts overseeing the study told the journal. Science Direct.

Undated image of asteroid Bennu from the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, provided by NASA.

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The OSIRIS-REx science team, which stands for Origin, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification and Conservation-Regolith Explorer, briefly touched down on Bennu’s surface in October 2020 and collected a sample of rock before exiting the asteroid and returning to Earth. Earth, this It will be held on Sunday, September 24According to the NASA website.

The sample collected by OSIRIS-REx could change what we know about the origin of the Solar System, he said. ABC News Astrophysicist Hakeem Oluesi.

“This is pure, uncontaminated material that reveals the first secrets of the solar system. It is an unlikely discovery to find biological molecules or precursor molecules of life,” he declared.

Astronomers describe a new asteroid as a “planet killer” that could hit Earth?

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