Tata Martino and another stone Why call Ormono, not Sebalveda?

Santiago Ormano is not in Tata Martino’s plans for the Mexican national team, Clarified a few days ago saying that a forward “This is not just a call to targets”, But he also questioned whether there was any kind of media campaign ahead of the Puebla now Angel Cepelveda of Curatoro with the same six goals Guardians in 2021.

If you have the same goals, why should you consider Ormeno, not Sebalveda? I understand there are footballers who attract more attention, but There are many more features to noteHow the game develops, goes backwards, and how it enters small gaps. We are going to play a key role in all the games in the Gold Cup, so we have to see who plays better in the 5m interval than the person who explodes with 30m, ”he said. Gerardo Martino To TUDN Behind Victory of the Tripartite Olympics In its introduction.

I did not spend time with Funes Mori: Tata

He is another of the strikers who is constantly asked about Rogelio Funes Mori, Someone for whom Tata “does not waste time” Before the legal restrictions on quoting him, but when the duo kept his normalization documents it was clearer than keeping it on the radar.

“It’s not up to me, I’m just trying to find out who has the chance to play for Mexico. I did not spend my time at Funes Mori due to lack of legal conditions It should be in the exam this time, but if it is possible at that time, of course we will evaluate it, ”he said.

When will Raul Jimenez return? This is what Tata said

I also have no exact date or time expectations. The wolves’ doctors are pleased with his evolution and I do not know if we can see him in the Premier League this season. R.J.9.

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‘The best is never to go to the polls’

Asked about some calls for the next one On FIFA date, they will face Wales and Costa Rica on March 27 and 30, A choice not only for those who pass the best times, Martino explained There are football players who cannot be dismissed because of talent Although the desired routine or not present.

When I started as a national team coach, I was wrong to say I was there to choose the best, but that is not entirely true. We called him Chuckie when he was a substitute in Napoli, but it never crossed my mind to exclude him from the national team because of his qualities and energy. The truth is, we never call the top 23Some are not the best, but some you can’t get out of the Mexican national team, “he said.

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