Thirteen people have died in Mexico from an ambush against a police guard

Mexico City

A team of staff from the Edomox Defense Secretariat (SS) and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJM) Ambush By a group of organized crimes Codebeck Flour, which left at least one balance 13 dead elements.

Of the dead elements, eight are state and five are ministers, according to reports.

The attack took place this Thursday Large flat, When the convoy was carried out Patrol In the region, precisely to combat criminal groups operating in this area of ​​the Mexican state.

“As far as the various components of the two companies that lost their lives as a result of this cowardly attack are known so far, there are no known injuries to date,” FGJEM said in a statement.

The two policemen, with the support of the National Guard, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy, said they were conducting a joint operation in the area to search for the occupiers.

“Companies forming a coalition to build peace in the state of Mexico condemn this cunning and cowardly attack and promise it will not go unpunished,” the statement said.

At the scene, FGJEM carries out procedures to gather evidence and evidence for the removal of bodies.

The agencies assured the families of the civil servants who died this Thursday that there would be support and support from both companies.

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