Jessica Yasmin left her home and they never heard from her again

City of Juarez– Relatives and friends of Jessica Yasmin Mota Duron shared their investigation on social networks since July 6.

According to the investigation, Jessica Yasmin is 28 years old and from Gomez Palacio in Durango.

He has been missing since July 6, when he left his home in the Los Tejatos subdivision and lost contact with his social circles.

The shared information mentions that he is 160 cm tall and weighs 65 kg. Fair complexioned and ruddy.

He has dark brown eyes and dark wavy hair, he has an oval face, a small, straight nose with a medium base and a medium mouth.

In particular, he has a tattoo of a dancer on his left calf and the word “dance” on one forearm.

Any information can be traced to the state attorney general’s office at 911, an anonymous tip (089) or by calling 656 6293300 extensions 56832 and 56826 in Ju├írez. Special Prosecutor’s Office for Gender-Based Crime Victims and Family (FEM), similar to FGE but with extension 50832.

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