This is how athletes around the world celebrate Christmas

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No doubt about it Christmas This is one of the most anticipated dates in the world, so Athletes are no exception from celebrating it, So some of them They shared on social media how they spent this special date Next to their family and friends.

Also, some of them took advantage of the fact that they usually have holidays on the last days of the year Some took advantage of the opportunity to return to their home countries To enjoy Christmas, Was the case Lionel Messi travels to his hometown of Rosario in Argentina.

Also, some Mexican players like it Raul Jimenez, Diego Lines Y Carlos Candle, They shared on their social networks How they spent Christmas Eve. Here we say.

Raul Jimenez

The Wolverhampton forward He shared a photo next to his family, where he greeted him Merry Christmas To all his followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese attacker He posted a photo on his Instagram In some stairs, you can see who you are Surrounded by his family and friends.

Diego Lines

Mexican participating in the Spanish Betis, He went to Paris, France to spend Christmas with his parents, This was demonstrated in a photo where he greeted her Merry Christmas To his followers.

Lionel Messi

La Pulca took advantage of the holidays PSG, Go Rosario, Argentina, Where He spent Christmas Eve with his family And dancing with his wife: Antonella Rogusso.

Earling Holland

The Borussia Dortmund scorer He shared a picture on his social networks where you can see it He spent Christmas at home and with his family, Where he wished a happy holiday.

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Carlos Candle

The Bombardier Is passing Christmas Next to his wife and children, he even shared a photo of himself watching the film “My poor angel”.

Julio Caesar Chavez

The Grand Champion Was passing good night At a family dinner, they enjoyed dinner and enjoyed karaoke.

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