Armando Benedetti: They will ask the prosecutor’s office to investigate the purchase of property in his wife’s name – investigative division

In July 2021, EL TIEMPO exclusively disclosed the purchase bonds of a property located in the exclusive Pratomar urbanization in Puerto Colombia, Atlantico. A few months later, it was subject to a Supreme Court hearing.

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At that time, this newspaper revealed that the property (three lots) was acquired as per the October 9, 2020 public deed. 1.5 billion pesos and it appears in the name of Adelina Guerrero Govo, wife of former senator Armando Benedetti, who was being investigated for illegal enrichment at the time.

Nicola’s version

At that time, the seller, Luis Alberto Nicolla confirmed the sales figures for EL TIEMPO.

But, on investigation, Nicola told Judge Cristina Lombana (who handled the case against Benedetti at the Supreme Court), that the property was sold for 3.6 billion pesos..

In fact, even the former senator An investigation was conducted into the transaction.

In this regard, EL TIEMPO exclusively a week ago, before the defense of former Senator Benedetti, challenged Judge Lombana – for issuing prior opinions in this case and for continuing to act on the file despite the loss of jurisdiction -, robe She was prepared to request the imposition of protective measures with preventive detention without the benefit of house arrest.

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And though the issue of buying The house in Puerto Colombia was repossessed this weekend Cambio magazineEL TIEMPO established that the court was going to deviate from that point in the trial examining other million-dollar transactions.

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Certification of copies?

Armando Benedetti House Puerto Colombia

The property was purchased for 3.6 billion pesos.

Reason: As stated in the opening of the case dated March 11, 2021, the investigation into Benedetti’s assets covers the period from January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2018. and buying a house in Puerto Colombia That’s later.

(Headline: They ask to discover $1.5 billion worth of assets in lawsuit against Benedetti)

In fact, pages of that file are going to be sent to the Attorney General’s Office for investigation. That advantage is the origin of the resources obtained.

But in court, no one has confirmed whether the procedure has already been completed or whether it is the magistrate who will take the file to assess it.

Benedetti explained that part of that purchase was made with credit Euclid’s Torres. The same businessman, contractor Coastal politicians have repeatedly mentioned the alleged opaque financing of Petro’s presidential campaign.

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Anyway, former senator Armando Benedetti and his lawyer David Benavides Morales told EL TIEMPO 8 days ago that every penny of the former senator is justified and a team of forensic experts will prove it.

Benedetti added that Lombana had unleashed a persecution against him.

Cristina Lombana and Armando Benedetti

Judge Cristina Lomaban and former Senator Armando Benedetti.



What’s next?

Now, he noted on his networks: “The magistrate who tried my case resigned. However, in his angry delirium, he continues to leak false, half-hearted and malicious information about my processes. Why should I plead my case in the media and not in front of my judge? Everyone who leaks does so in bad faith.”.

File against Benedetti For the alleged enrichment and laundering, a new judge will be appointed who will evaluate the evidence and conclusions already reached by Judge Lombana.

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However, Benedetti’s defense – which has already filed a criminal and disciplinary complaint against him – told EL TIEMPO Two other files against him should be immediately withdrawn: alleged irregularities in Fonate and Fomak.

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