Pro Consumidor Confirms “It Doesn’t Make JetBlue More Alerts”


The The National Agency for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor) warned through a publication on its social networks JetBlue will not issue any further warnings to airlines Responsive to all consumers Depending on the extent of the violation.

The company is supposed to protect the rights of consumers, it said It isThe airline’s violations have been repeatedAs well as complaints and claims from consumers and invites the latter to approach the company.

“Pro-Consumers No Longer Alert JetBlue Airlines, Complaints and claims from affected consumers due to their repeated violations,” the company said in one of two releases.

Pro Consumidor’s reaction is prompted by ongoing complaints from Dominicans about airline misconduct.

Earlier this week, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alfredo Pacheco, criticized JetBlue His conduct and “Abuses” against Dominicans Travelers in this company.

Last Saturday, during a commercial flight to Puerto Rico, he asked the Dominican government to revoke his license because of the inconvenience he experienced with the airline and the abuse he observed against Dominicans only.

“They are abusers, how they treat Dominicans, It’s horrible.” Pacheco began his story, saying he had to attend Operation in Puerto Rico, They sent him a ticket with a flight at 2:00 pm and the flight took off at 5:30.

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