The Cuban embassy in Russia says 71 Cubans detained in Wunukovo did not meet entry requirements.

The Cuban Embassy in Russia Said 71 Cuban citizens stranded at Vnukovo airport Despite a free visa agreement between Moscow and Havana, they were barred from entering the country because the requirements were not met., According to the note collected by the official portal Cubpat.

As stated in it Publication of the official headquarters on their social networks, “Has been in permanent contact with the Cuban Embassy in Moscow Russian authorities Boundary control of the airport “.

“As part of embassy care when visiting your airport, The embassy exchanged views with our compatriots on the details of their safe return to Cuba.The report added.

At launch, The 44 citizens of this group returned to Cuba And “the return of the rest has already been coordinated jointly with Russian authorities and the airline.”

According to the report, “Despite the free visa agreement between the two countries, the Cuban citizens in question did not meet the requirements established by the Russian immigration authorities to enter their territory as tourists.”

The embassy recommended that when planning a trip to the Russian Federation, the Cubans should check the current requirements for entry into Russian territory. “

On Another post from December 2nd, The embassy said “Upon arrival in Russian territory, all foreigners arriving as tourists must prove the purpose of their trip (Regardless of whether there is a free visa rule), they must have the following documents: PCR with valid passport, return ticket, accommodation booking, financial settlement guarantee guarantee, valid medical insurance in Russia with Covit-19 coverage and valid negative result“.

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In addition, upon arrival you must fill out a form with personal data and travel information.

“However, we note that border authorities in all countries have the power to allow or deny foreigners entry into national borders for reasons they deem appropriate,” the note concluded.

Estimated as Every year more than 25,000 Cubans come to Russia without a visa and with a three-month stay. While some try to test their luck in these lands, others decide to continue on the Poland-Belarus route despite the dangers.

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