Production and Work Space supports Sergio Massa’s nomination Supporting the formula of union for the homeland

From the field of production and work, which brings together social organizations, unions, small and medium business sectors, agricultural producers and cooperatives; They have called for a vote in favor of the Sergio Massa-Agustin Rossi formula for the November 19 runoff. They stressed that “this is our only option to defend work and production, and it is an essential basis for guiding the necessary national unity.”

In the statement, signed by more than 30 entities, they stressed that the goal set by the UfP candidate would be possible “with the people as the protagonist” and stated: “Social justice will not cease to be an unattainable declaration when we have regained our sovereignty, which was robbed of it for a while.” Long is the institutional de facto force that operates above the democratic system, mocks the popular will and frustrates its legitimate aspirations.

In this way, multiple sectors warned of the danger represented by Javier Meli’s rise to power: “The candidates for advanced freedom propose to Argentina and its people to deepen this state of oppression and subordination.” They ratified their “decided support for the Union for La Patria in these elections.” They joined, among others, the workers’ CTA led by Hugo Yassky, the Federal Workers’ Tendency of the CGT, the National Confederation of Labor Cooperatives (CNCT) and the Federation of Social Economic Workers (FETRAES)..

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