Fear of surveillance? Apple and Google combine a function that alerts you of potential tracking

Apple and Google companies They added this Monday to their phones A A tool to alert users From iPhone and Android if anyone Tracking is done via wireless or Bluetooth location.

According to a statement from Apple, the feature is called “Detect unwanted websites“It will be available starting Monday in the system Apple iOS 17.5 and Android 6.0+ devices.

The tool detects if an unknown Bluetooth device moves near the user for a period of time and then sends an alert with the phrase “(The item) was found moving with you“.

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In case of iOS, The iPhone itself can find the Tracking IDAsk it to play a sound to help locate it and access instructions for deactivating it.

Bitten Apple indexes its products Cooperation with Google how “A leader in this sector“, and they ensure that it provides “guidance and good practices for manufacturers” who decide to integrate unwanted tracking alert functions into their products.

The new feature responds to the controversy surrounding it Wireless tracking devices From the two companies, such as: Air sign From Apple, which aims to Find lost or stolen items Their locations are visible but have sometimes been used by criminals to track other people.

Apple confirms that companies love Motorola or Babylibee They have committed to integrating this new feature into their devices.


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