Students are invited to the 2024 Youth Science Workshop

Ensenada's academic trio, made up of CICESE, UABC and UNAM, invites high school students from across the country to participate in the Youth Science Workshop to be held from June 23 to July 1.

TCJ is an activity to promote science careers in teens, which is already traditional in Ensenada. It consists of a week of sessions in which high school graduates will conduct laboratory practices on biological collections, the biology and ecology of rays and sharks, biotechnology for mollusk DNA exploration, physical oceanography, astrobiology, geographic information systems, holography and nanoparticles; In addition to courses on biodiversity, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

In addition, the activity program includes a field trip to see the facilities of the National Astronomical Observatory UNAM, located in the Sierra San Pedro Martir, south of Ensenada.

To participate, interested persons must have an interest in science, be enrolled in high school or high school, be 19 years of age and have a GPA equal to or greater than eight (80/100).

The registration deadline is May 19. Rules and application for participation can be found on the official website.

This activity is free, so the organizing committee will provide accommodation, transportation and medical expenses for the selected people. In 23 editions of the TCJ, high school graduates from almost all Mexican states were received.

Ensenada is known as a city of knowledge because a diverse array of scientific research institutions coincide with employees who produce and apply high-quality knowledge.

Everything from the small world of atoms and molecules to the enormous world of stars and galaxies is studied in this city. There are those who study the secrets of light and sound, the secrets of the ocean, and what we can learn from earthquakes. The world of living organisms is explored, from the smallest such as microbes, to the largest such as whales. We also work in the worlds of electronics, robotics and computing.

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In case of doubts or inquiries, they can be sent to the Facebook page

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