Atletico de Madrid player asks Luis Palma to give Celtic shirt to someone else!

Luis Palma continues to prove to be one of the most stylish players at Celtics in Scotland.

One of the customs in European football, seen in the continent’s elite leagues, is to exchange shirts between footballers after each match.

That’s common in the Champions League and Honduran Luis Palma He began to enjoy that he now belonged to the most important football in the world.

In which after the game Celtic were thrashed 6-0 against Atletico de Madrid‘Puck’ was surprised by Uruguayan defender Jose Maria Gimenez, who approached him and asked for his shirt.

The Honduran forward had no problem admitting that he had no idea the shirt was for the South American player’s home-based Catracha.

At the end of the game, Honduran name Denia Cerrado revealed a photo and shirt of the Celtic player received by Gimenez, who has already done the same with players such as Choco Lozano.

“I thank God for giving me these opportunities. Thank you Jose Maria Gimenez for remembering that I asked Luis Palma for the shirt. He knew what those details meant to me. It was a unique moment, I was nervous when I met Catraccho, he represents us in football and in an important competition like the Champions League. Proud to be with Honduras and Uruguay,” the Honduran woman posted on her networks.

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Denia Cerrado In 2021, she spoke with DIEZ and revealed how she came to work at home Jose Maria Gimenez. “The epidemic started and I stayed with the other employers until May 22 because they went to live in Dubai and I went with them for two and a half months. All the time I worked for them I went so that the children would not experience a drastic change.

“But I only went at that time because I had already given my word to José María that I was going to return to Spain to work with them,” he said at the time, adding that to this day he remains loyal to the Uruguayan family.

Luis Palma and Jose Maria Gimenez with Honduran Denia Cerrado in the Civitas Metropolitano dressing room.

“My former employers recommended that I stay, but I had already promised Giménez that I would come back, and it was a different country and I didn’t speak English, so it was very difficult,” said the Honduran, who is a Spanish citizen. Since 2015.

José María Giménez is a humble and honest person, his employee from May 22, 2020 described him as follows: “He is always devoted to his children, he is a good father and husband. What distinguishes him most is humility, how he suffers because of his childhood, he Because of all he’s been through, he knows what it means to not eat and where he’s coming from.

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