Guzman always retires; Mexico scored a historic goal with the U-17. Video

The time for hanging boots has come Always Guzman. The football player who was a part of it Under-17 historical team Became world champion in his category Peru 2005, Advertising Farewell to him from the court Through an emotional message on their social networks.

Peru from that night: Magical, dreamy, memorable, unique, nostalgic and full life, I invited my memories and feelings to sit down and write this letter. My farewell.

Undoubtedly, the final against Brazil marked a reservoir in my life, defending my country with my pride.. Today, looking back, Carlos (Vela) reminded me of the play that left me alone in front of the enemy goalkeeper, I remember that many moments in the life of a football player can be made into a storyGuzm எழுதிn wrote, recalling the third goal Mexico scored in their 2005 victory over Brazil.

As always Explained in his farewell letter He did not regret the decisions he had made throughout his lifeBecause, he always did it with the desire to have a successful career.

“Like that play I got tattooed, This life was shaped by bad and good results, but all were chosen with confidence; I always try to fulfill my dream, “he added.

The 33-year-old who went through the club Mexico What Morelia, Merida, Veracruz, LOBOS BUAP And RodrunnerHe closed his cycle as a footballer who remembers that famous moment Raised the World Cup with El Tree.

Like that final whistle in Peru, To make history by lifting the World Cup against the dream rival, with the desired goal and with the team we all want to defend, Completes this pleasant passage of a professional football playerOnL. A story, my story, that will always be remembered. Infinite thanks, dear football“, He concluded.

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