Mariela Castro calls for “very serious” measures against imperialism

Director of the National Center for Sexuality Education (CENESEX) and representative of the Cuban regime, MARIELA CASTRO ESPINIt called for “very serious” measures against imperialism, referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Imperialism can no longer be faced with stones, with words, with diplomatic means,” said the daughter of former Cuban ruler Raul Castro, who took part in Monday’s discussion at the University of Havana’s Varona Amphitheater.

“I’m not speaking on behalf of the Cuban government, I’m speaking from my personal feeling as a global citizen, and I believe that in situations like this we must apply very sharp, very intense pressure, and the Palestinian people must resist.” Castro Espin insisted.

The gathering, organized by the pro-Palestinian regime, brought together representatives of Cuban political organizations and representatives of the country’s embassy to condemn Israel’s recent bombings, following Hamas attacks on Israeli soil in early October.

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Jamil Alabet, a resident pediatrician at the Juan Manuel Marquez Hospital, and Issam Al Gawaga, a Cuban-educated neurologist and deputy secretary general of Jordan’s Popular Democratic Unity Party, participated in the exchange.

And Che Guevara’s daughter, Aleida Guevara, volunteered to go “to defend Palestine,” saying, “I shoot well, I have good aim, I have military training.”

However, many Cubans responded to both spokesmen and representatives of the Havana regime: “The Cuban dictatorship can no longer be met with stones, words or diplomatic means. Strong measures are needed to crush a tyranny. A murderer who continues to massacre. Enslaves the Cuban people!” Said user of X, where his interventions were published.

“This witch claims not to speak for the Cuban government, but it turns out they, the Castro family, are the Cuban government,” commented another.

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One Cuban wondered in a very mocking tone what the two officers were going to do to Israel: “What’s she going to do with them? With 40-pounders?” She posted.

The Cuban regime has initiated several events Support for the Palestinian cause In the past weeks.

A few days ago, the stage prepared by Gerardo Hern├índez Nordelo together with a few CDR members and children from the capital was revealed, with flags and cell phone lights accompanied by the song “Somos Palestine” by the Puerto Rican Danny Rivera. echoed through your CDR’s speakers.

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