This is the pro-democracy song that YouTube should ban in Hong Kong

The digital giant Google This Wednesday, he complied with a court order to remove videos of a protest song Hong KongIt has created a debate about freedom of expression, according to a ruling issued by the city's appeals court to prevent its spread.

Video site Network light From International Alphabet Said content is blockedSo trying to access the playback 'Glory to Hong Kong' This Wednesday was an error message from the city: “This content is not available on this country's domain due to a court order.”

On May 8, the Hong Kong Court of Appeal issued an order Judgment in favor of Govt A decision last year overturned a lower court ruling for a ban on a song related to social unrest, arguing that such a ban would have a chilling and negative impact on freedom of expression.

The government of the former British colony filed a petition in the High Court in June 2023 Precautionary measures will prevent the spread of resistant cheese is connected with The massive anti-government protests of 2019For them to consider “seditious intentions”.

In this file photo, Sept. Residents sing “Glory to Hong Kong”, a song written by protesters, at a shopping mall in Hong Kong on 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

The public authority is intended to “ensure national security and protect the dignity of the composition, and prevent the broadcast or singing of the melody as Hong Kong's national anthem with intent to offend the authorities.”

Officials said they have requested to continue taking precautionary measures Various disturbances in international sporting eventsWhen the organizers confused the music with the official national anthem ChinaParade of Volunteers.

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' management said the errors were caused by the first results from the search.Hong Kong National Anthem' on Google, but at the time the tech giant refused to manually manipulate its algorithm to ensure that only the correct melody appeared on the screen.

The administrator then said:Melody is likely to continue to spread widely“, which “The city violates the National Security Act”, which includes acts of secession, sabotage, terrorism and collusion with foreign powers, punishable by up to life imprisonment.

People raise their hands to sing the protest anthem “Glory to Hong Kong” during an anti-government protest in Hong Kong's Central District on November 30, 2019 (REUTERS/Thomas Peter)

On July 28, a Hong Kong court rejected the government's request to outlaw the performance or distribution of the composition. Alleging that action was taken against criminal activity for reasons of national security, it “It undermines freedom of expression and has a chilling effect”.

However, The Justice Department appealed on August 7It contends that the Magistrate in charge of the case committed a series of errors when he refused to grant a precautionary measure prohibiting four types of illegal activities related to the compound.

'Glory to Hong Kong' is a protest song Composed and written by a musician under a pseudonymThomas dgx yhl', although internet users of the forum have also contributed LIHKGIt was particularly active during the massive protests in the financial center in 2019.

For some Hongkongers, including supporters of the city's independence and democracy movement, the organization represented a way to justify their positions against greater integration with mainland China.

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