La Bava – The race for the presidency of Metro Puerto Rico is over

Preliminary results of special examination of 216 schools out of 236 schools counted Democratic People’s Party (PPD), reflecting a closed competition between Jesus Manuel Ortiz And Luis Javier Hernandez Ortiz.

PPD Presidential Election Results

  • Jesus Manuel Ortiz: 24,364 (45.56%)
  • Luis Javier Hernandez: 24,270 (45.38%)
  • Carmen Maldonado: 4,844 (9.06%)

At this time, 53,478 were registered without manual additions.

Earlier, PPD Election Commissioner, Ramon TorresThe PPD announced that the polls would be closed to allow for the counting of votes that would determine who would take over as president.

Torres called on the college officials to remain in their duties.

On the other hand, the Alternate Election Commissioner, George Kohlberg Bull, More than 47,000 voters exercised their right to vote today.

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Mayor of Morovice, Carmen MaldonadoHe accepted his defeat after a special election Democratic People’s Party and extended his support to the representative, Jesus Manuel Ortiz Whoever understands will be the new leader of society.

Famous people have expressed themselves today, and I accept their commitment with humility and loyalty to the institution of which I am a member and the institution that has given me the opportunity to be mayor of my city.. Today I give my approval, approval and support to Jesús Manuel Ortiz, the new president of the PPD. I am open to whatever he deems necessary for the good of the Popular Party and Puerto Rico.Maldonado revealed through social networks.

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In the same vein, he reiterated his determination to continue in charge of the Morowis municipal seat and to aspire to the governorship position by the PPD in 2024.

My deepest thanks to all who believed in me and especially to the entire electoral army!”, he concluded.

Outgoing leader of the Popular Democratic Party, Jose Luis Dalmau, said that once the results of the special joint election are known, all people should work with the new president or presidents.This party should be prepared for the election cycle and ready to win the 2024 elections“.

Today, whoever is favored in this election will lead the party, he will have the task of keeping the party united and militant, but not only him, but all of us, all the people have that responsibility, I have every day, or I do not have leadership positions, to maintain the unity and militancy of the party, avoiding unnecessary controversies, I have distinguished myself by making proposals in the forums and promoting community cohesion.. I appeal to all the militant celebrities to unite with this government junta”, he told reporters at the community headquarters in Puerta de Tierra before the final results of the electoral contest were known.

In this special election, they measured the powers of the mayor of Morovis, Carmen Maldonado, the mayor of Villalba, Luis Javier Hernández, and representative Jesus Manuel Ortiz.

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