They appoint a new First Secretary of the Communist Party at Guantanamo

Five years later, First Secretary of the Communist Party (PCC). Guantanamo, Rafael Perez FernandezThe change was made during the organization’s provincial plenary session in the region this Friday Yoel Pérez García.

At the party meeting, with the help of Roberto Morales Ojeda, organizational secretary of the party’s Central Committee, Perez Garcia As the new secretary of the party in Guantanamo, who fulfilled the function of vice-chairman of the department focusing on the social sector in the Central Committee of the PCC, a reference from a local newspaper indicates. come across.

The memo, republished by the press, did not reveal the reasons for Perez Fernandez’s dismissal, only that “other tasks will be assigned to him”.

Rafael Pérez Fernández reached the leadership of the party in Guantanamo on September 21, 2018., during a wave of changes in that system at the time. He previously led the Communists of Guantanamo, the provincial capital.

His successor, Yoel Pérez Garcia, is a native Villa Clara, a territory 600 kilometers away, which highlights his significant relocation to assume new responsibility at Guantanamo. He held various positions in the province of Villa Clara Young Communist LeagueBeing the Second Secretary of its National Committee.

According to the release, “he has been working as a political cadre for more than 20 years” and “in the party he has served as a bureau member, first secretary at the municipal level and member of the provincial executive. Bureau in Villa Clara.”

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