The girl worked at 16 companies at the same time, received her salary, but never

A woman managed Fill in 16 jobs At the same time, in different companies, he receives a corresponding salary, with the distinction that he never went to work, bravely Fraud scheme This affects the business community China.

Kwan Yuwith her husband Chen KiangLeaders of a network of professional salary cheats who profited around them 119 million pesosfor three years.

Woman created Impressive resumesHigh positions in reputed companies and an impressive A list of possible contactsManages to convince her of her eligibility to be hired.

Quan He showed his skills Simulating meetings with customers and appear to fulfill their job responsibilities. Kept records Details for each hypothetical job, such as start dates, tasks and bank accounts.

If you feel overwhelmed, Sold the position To third parties and commissions taken. For three years it allowed the woman and her husband to accumulate the wealth they needed to get by A prestigious villa District Shanghai.

was Liu JianOwned and managed a technology company Expose the fraud. After hiring eight people for sales positions last October, but They did not achieve results He sent them away.

Liu noticed Strange data in the document At least its former employees who worked at the same time Two companies. He alerted the authorities and conducted an investigation 53 suspects arrestedWhere Guan and Chen were.

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