The OMSA driver was inadvertently caught on video

Radamese Gonzalez, director of the Metropolitan Office (OMSA) of Santo Domingo, made the announcement Monday. Cancellation of one of its drivers who was caught trying to change lanes “irresponsibly” on Kilometer 9 of the Duarte Highway.

“Under no circumstances will we accept that our collaborators violate the law, especially the traffic law, irresponsible actions …Gonzalez said.

In a statement, the official pointed out that they would be under “permanent supervision” so that employees could do the work “required by law”.

Gonzalez called on the company’s other drivers and servers to cooperate with his management’s mission to “transform OMSA into a more efficient, transparent and humane organization.”

“Those who cannot cooperate with us in this direction should, unfortunately, not be part of the OMSA family.”He pointed out.

The incident happened last Wednesday, April 20th, but went viral over the weekend.

The video shows how the driver was identified Julio Peguro, Driving the record bus 15074, he committed two reckless acts on km 9 of the Duarte Highway.


This is not the first case In the last five months, the company has laid off about 15 drivers for failing to do their duty..

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