Michael Salas talks about his love for Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas at his wedding

Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel/Agenzia Mexico

Michael Salas talked about the preparations for his wedding and admitted that it was necessary for his whole family to attend this big celebration. In addition, he made it clear that he already knew his father’s new partner Luis Miguel And Paloma gave her opinion on Cuevas.

During her visit to an event hosted by a prestigious jeweler in Mexico City, the influencer expressed her desire to be in the presence of the man who gave her life on the day of her wedding to businessman Danilo Díaz.

Michael Salas / Mexico Agency

Michael Salas / Mexico Agency

“I can’t tell you anything yet, I think it’s important for me to have my whole family there, but we all have work commitments,” Luis Miguel’s eldest daughter explained to the media.

However, the model praised the body image that reappeared for her concert tour “El Sol de Mexico”. “He’s very nice, isn’t he? He looks very thin,” he said with a smile.

When asked the name of Paloma Cuevas, the current partner of the translator of “La Unconditional”, Michael expressed: “Very good, beautiful, I knew her before.”

However, Salas questioned whether her father was going to marry the Spanish designer, because upon hearing that Luismi had already bought the engagement ring, the young woman replied: “Oh, how many times they said he was going to give. Guys, we can’t believe everything we read and hear. .”

Despite this report, the influencer could not deny that Luis Miguel is very much in love, so before this, only Salas commented: “Of course, love is the best.”

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On the other hand, Stephanie Salas’ daughter revealed that it was not easy to focus on her wedding preparations.

“I mean, one gets married, well, according to this method, it’s the first time I’m getting married, actually, I don’t know anything about the processes yet, I’m like I understand everything, but well, of course because of the church, it’s really cool to organize a wedding… Three for now. (Clothes), for now…”, the young woman said about some details of the big event.

Finally, Michael Salas confirmed that his great-grandmother Silvia Pinal will not be able to attend his wedding, but promised not to stop sharing this significant moment with the famous presenter. “I have a special surprise to celebrate and be with her,” he insisted.

Courtesy of Michael Salas and Sylvia Pinal

Courtesy of Michael Salas and Sylvia Pinal

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