Ariadna Gutierrez and Clovis Nienow surprise their fans

Team Earth Home of the famous It becomes smaller and weaker. Especially since the withdrawal Lubilo Rivera And, recently, the departure of two of their favorite members, Ariadna Gutierrez And Clovis Nienow. And what can we say about the abandoned Divas.

Now they channel their strength from the outside, where the beloved trio is reunited, keeping the team they've protected and been loyal to for so long.

In honor of all the fans who support them unconditionally, Ari and Clovis gave them a unique moment. Actually two.

Clovis and Ariadne.

IG/ClovisAriadna: Photo by Marc Piasecki/WireImage

“Today I have a surprise for you, dear,” the model wrote on her networks. After a while, he showed a picture of a colleague he had seen in Los Angeles. A moment that gave his audience two great gifts.

First a funny video on Tik Tok made his followers laugh. In it they both dressed up and performed the now famous song “Obsesión” from Aventura while acting as a couple. The staging generated all kinds of comments that Lupilo came to light on more than one occasion.

The second and long-awaited surprise would come later, when Arie asked his followers to send him questions… and he and Clovis are going to perform live this Saturday!

Clovis and Ariadne.

IG/Ariadna Gutierrez

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Although they could not take the prize RealityThey continue to deliver content out of home and after all, the real winner of this adventure will be their team.

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