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Mexican actress You are going through a very difficult time. Through his social networks, he announced that he was going to have surgery to amputate a part of his finger in an attempt to prevent the virus he was holding from turning into cancer.

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The actress, who has starred in several soap operas such as “What Life Stolen From Me”, “Glass 486”, and “Rebel”, said she was diagnosed with cancer in one finger in 2018 and had the affected area removed. Then, the doctors crafted and the problem was solved.

However, when subjected to routine examination, a tumor was found in the same area where Gretel Valdes had previously undergone surgery. According to his doctor, a virus that could cause cancer was found inside his finger, so he had to have surgery.

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Mexican actress Gretel Valdes has been diagnosed with cancer of her left thumb (Photo: Gretel Valdes / Instagram)

Why cut off a finger to greet Valdes?

In an interview with the television show “Hoi”, Mexican actress Gretel Valdes said that part of her finger will be amputated. This is because the virus that causes cancer has been detected, which is why it may require surgery.

Grettel Valdez said he was diagnosed with finger cancer in 2018 and had the affected area removed. Now, the Mexican actress has been diagnosed with a new condition in the same joint, so it will be severed.

“About four years ago I had cancer on my finger and it was removed. They did a craft on me and it disappeared. I recently went for an examination and (the doctor) told me ‘I have a small piece I don’t like, I’m going to remove it and send a biopsy,’ I ‘ I said, ‘OK,’ “Waltz said.

“Lola, in a while” the actress pointed out that a little process would be done to analyze this part. However, within a week, the condition worsened and studies show that it is a virus that, if left untreated, can turn into cancer.

“They come out like sores. They make an appointment for my little surgery. As soon as I was on the plate, ready, the doctor came and said, ‘I’m not going to have surgery … it expanded in a week. It’s not normal.’

“Fortunately we already know what it is. It’s a virus, it’s an expanding wart, it’s a cancer-causing virus, so I’m relieved, we already know what it is,” the 45-year-old translator added.

Grettel Valdez explained that they would remove the entire affected area, but they would amputate a large part of that joint. The actress has vowed to maintain her health and not to lose her finger so that she does not get cancer again:

“Yes, they have to remove a large part of my finger, but I’m not worried,” he concluded.

So far, it is not known whether the surgical intervention has already been carried out and the actress has not provided further details about it. The soap opera protagonist is active on social networks because in the last hours he has been sharing content on his Instagram stories.

In addition, Gretel posted a photo on his Instagram profile where he showed off his spectacular figure and was stunned by his smile. The actress has to wait to be encouraged to share more details about her health and may want to keep it in reserve.

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