Erandira Ibarra and the Reason for Working on The Matrix ‘Spoiled Her’

Erandira Ibarra at the ‘Matrix Revivals’ premiere in 2021. (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

By Alejandro Feregrino. When Erindra Ibarra says that ‘The Matrix’ destroyed her, she doesn’t mean it in a negative way. The blockbuster marked a turning point in his career, but more so the friendship that connected him with the film’s director, Lana Wachowski, one of Hollywood’s most important filmmakers in recent decades.

Together with her sister Lily – before their gender transition they were called Andy and Laurie – Lana is responsible for some of the films that have already taken a place among the most important films in the history of cinema, such as the ‘Matrix’ saga. and ‘V for Vendetta’.

On several occasions, the actress has acknowledged Lana’s immense influence on her, as they worked together on two seasons and on the film ‘Sense8’ starring Alfonso Herrera.

In ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, Eréndira shared credits with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith. Undoubtedly, this film marked the actress before and after, but not only because of the exposure and international recognition, but also because of the opportunity to work again with Lana, who inspired her with her activism in support of LGBTIQ+ visibility. . Films should be made from a different perspective.

“‘The Matrix’ spoiled me in the best sense of the word. We’ve been friends and worked together with Lana for seven years, and she does things from the heart.”

“Like ‘Sense8’ or ‘Matrix’ (…) is doing things with a very loving content with a living. Now. heart”.

For Erendra, shooting ‘The Matrix’ was the most special of his career, but not just because of working on a blockbuster; Also, he moved away from his family during the pandemic.

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“It was one of the hardest and most exciting moments of my life, because on the one hand I made a movie that really excited me, ‘The Matrix’, with incredible people, and on the other hand there was the world. My son said, “I was in Mexico.”

“After making ‘The Matrix’, the shooting lasted for a year and it was very difficult, physically very difficult, and I took a year off, during which I opened my production company and did things that weren’t there. Very action-oriented, not so big. , but I also eat more where my heart is.

A manufacturing company

From that experience, it decided to use the boom in his career and found Anonima Media together with entrepreneur Bárbara Arredondo and screenwriter Natasha Ybarra-Klor, instead of starting to work only on large productions. The goal is clear: tell women’s stories to promote women’s work in cinema.

“It’s a beautiful experience to pick up the phone to talk to women we admire so much, we’ve been reading endlessly, and they answer us and tell us: ‘Finally I feel heard, I want to be. With you,'” Ibarra said in an interview with Reforma last year.

The first project they are currently promoting is the film adaptation of Brenda Lozano’s novel Brujas. He’s not the only one though, as they’re already working on comedy and documentary projects, some of which take place in Oaxaca.

“The real content we’re looking for has the task of justifying all anonymity so that no one else is anonymous,” Erendra said in another interview.

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