The Atlanta Braves punish Philadelphia and go after the MLB record

Once setup Atlanta Braves 2023 sealed their qualification for the post-season as they aim to finish with a better record Major League Baseball. To do this, they need to win the maximum number of games in the remaining 20 matches.

A fact against Monday afternoon, September 11, is a four-game series Philadelphia Phillies It contains Citizens Bank Park.

Both starters combined to allow 10 runs in the first few innings and couldn’t contain the Rivals’ offense.

For its part, Morton He worked 6.0 innings, where he had the same number of hits, four runs scored, four walks and nine strikeouts, with an ERA of 3.42.

while, walkerHe gave up six hits and the same number of runs, five of them earned, while he walked three and fanned five, with an earned run average of 4.30.

Atlanta BravesHe opened the scoring early with a triple Austin RileyThe interesting thing about this play is that the player scored himself after the foul Jack’s Cave (LF).

Both their fielding was erratic Brandon Marsh (CF) As a left fielder, once the ball hits the wall, Cave He lost control, reacted late and made a shot that the receiver couldn’t control.

Acuna Jr. led the Atlanta Braves offense

Two innings later, Venezuela Ronald Acuna Jr He reached base with a single to the infield and moved in Michael Harris IIFrom the median for area 2×0.

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however, Phillies appeared on the board in the bottom of the same inning with a two-run double Alec Baumto bring to the plate Bryce Harbor And Kyle Schwarber Balance the game by two in this way.

attack The brave ones He wastes no time and at the beginning of the fifth chapter Ozzy Albies He sent a double (22) through the right Harris II The score rally will begin.

Joined the party Matt Olson By completing the comeback with another extra-base hit by center that drove in Riley Already AlbisFor area 5×2.

However, the attack Philadelphia Phillies He evened things up again with a single Let’s go And double Bryson Stott. At the time Schwarber And Harbor They scored without any problems.

Alec Baum He didn’t have the same luck when he was sent off when he unsuccessfully tried to overtake his team on a few occasions. Acuna Jr.

“The one from La Sabana” showed off his bracelet

After a fly ball down the right, Sun played tricks on Venezuela, but he was lucky the ball fell centimeters short of its spot.

Ronald Acuna Acuna Jr He reacted quickly and homered the throw to complete the second run of the inning, preventing the home team’s fifth run.

After that incident Michael Harris II And Acuna Jr Hit a pair of home runs at 423 and 420 feet, respectively, to put up an 8×4 slate.

Philadelphia Phillies He refused to let his hands down when scoring in the fifth and sixth with a home run (25). Tree Turner 423 feet from the center.

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At the same time, they leveled the score at eight with another full-round victory at the last chance Bryce Harbor In view Risel IglesiasIt prompted Turner.

Atlanta was bolder than the Phillies

With a clear objective of achieving excellence in major leagues, led force Brian SnitkerHe took the reigns at the plate with a pinch-hit single Kevin Pillar And double ArciaSo Foret’s Wall And his own Pillar They placed solid figures of 10×8.

closure Risel Iglesias (4-4, 3.14) wins Kirby Yates He saved his fourth game of the season.

This way, Atlanta Braves They got their first win in 19 games remaining and are a little closer to achieving their best record of the season.

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