Luis Miguel and Paola Cuevas are inseparable in their world travels

Mallorca, Spain.- Luis Miguel’s heart seems to have an owner Paola CuevasBecause this week they were seen inseparable during Sun’s world tour in Mexico.

Recently, they were spotted boarding the artist’s private jet. From the starting point Mexico, head to Buenos Aires, Argentina to start the tour “Luis Miguel Tour 2023–2024”.

International media photographed the couple as very happy and sharing various experiences. And, it only confirms what has been an open secret for so long. The couple was snapped getting ready to enjoy a vacation on a cruise ship.


According to information Luis Miguel And Cuevas decided to go to Naples and then embark on a luxurious private cruise along the Mediterranean coast. However, the couple’s last stop was Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands. Spain.

The Sun of Mexico is already preparing to resume his professional duties, and apparently, in good company.

The singer has already sold out 66 of his scheduled shows this year.

It should be remembered that Luis Miguel started his tour on August 3 in the Argentine capital, which will take him to South America, Mexico and the United States. The singer plans to perform more than 200 live shows between 2023 and next year. In Honduras It is scheduled to issue on February 2, 2024.

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