What does it take to become an “influencer”?

Being an “influencer” is a goal that many set themselves. Right now, the social networking “boom” has meant that millions of users are interconnected, and with that, a way to make money for those interested in creating content has been created.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Director of Strategic Alliances with Creators in Meta for Mexico, Ana López, gave her best advice to those looking to be the next “influencer” in the country, during VidCon México held at the Citibanamex Center.

Now, how do you become an influencer?


One of the important points Lopez made is that Anyone can become a content creator; The only condition is to dare and lose the fear of “being yourself in front of the camera”.

“We are all content creators, and having the courage to do so is the most important thing,” he said.

He defined an “influencer” as someone who loses their fear of being in front of the camera and, above all, manages to connect with the audience, so their success depends on the creator.

Be clear about your goals

The specialist emphasized that there is another important point that must be taken into account It is goal setting. For example, you might consider creating a community with millions of followers or connecting with your audience.

He explained, “If a content creator decides their goal is to create a community of millions of followers, we create formats like ‘reels’ that help them reach a larger reach.

López’s specialty is helping creative people in Mexico and the world grow and monetize their talents and passions.

the "influencers" Most followed in Puerto Rico
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They are the favorite of netizens on the island, according to the “2022 Puerto Rico Digital Trends Study”.

Be real

The Director of Strategic Alliances with the creators of Meta for Mexico commented on this Personality is of great importance When building an audience.

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“There is an audience for everything, we are talking about over 3.8 billion users on Facebook. As long as a creator is original and vulnerable, they will be able to connect with their fans.”

give a message

Lopez stressed that messages impact communities. In other words, when a person becomes an “influencer” it is because their message has managed to reach millions of people.

Moreover, he said that It’s all right and creativity is the foundation that will help you reach your audience.

“No rules. You can take your tastes and turn them into an idea. Paco de Miguel, for example, came up with the idea of ​​imitating people and managed to communicate. Another example is Doris Joslin telling horror stories while wearing makeup.”

Be consistent

Consistency is important in any walk of life if you want to be successful, and that goes for content creators as well.

So the specialist highlighted that Audiences expect content What is really important is to comply with what has been agreed upon.

“If you say you’re going to make a video on Wednesday, stick to it,” he explained.

What makes money on social networks?

Lopez explained that “influencers” get income from social networks for advertising, not likes or the number of followers.

But what does Meta To help creators monetize Includes:

How do you reach the masses?

Meta introduces tools like Thread, a new platform for sharing text updates and joining public conversations.

For content creators, threads are a new channel for generating engagement and sharing their experiences in real time with their fans.

The app is designed to help them discover them, based on people’s interests. “Feed” threads are a mix between accounts people follow and recommended accounts.

In addition, thread content on Instagram can be amplified through stories or links.

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