Like AMLO with UNAM, Maduro is attacking a major university in Venezuela

St. Joseph. – President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Opened the front of conflicts with Central University of Venezuela (UCV), the leading and most valuable institution of higher education in that country. He accused university leaders of “abandonment” and compared the state of the academy to a missing prison in Caracas.

UCV’s University Council lashes out at Maduro because, without warning, he made an early visit to the campus earlier on October 21 and identified Jacqueline Faria of Venezuela as the university’s “guardian”. On the way Faria went with him.

Struggles between Maduro, the successor to the socialist or left-wing regime established in 1999 Venezuela, And the university hierarchy intensified in August this year, when the president created the Presidential Commission to Recover UCV seats that had intervened in nine faculties.

The conflict was similar to that of the Mexican president. Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, Launched this month with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (One), By “turning to the right” and accusing it of losing its essence while defending neoliberal programs.

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Founded on December 22, 1721 and approaching its 300th anniversary, in the second half of the 20th century, UCV became a sanctuary for students affiliated with left-wing guerrillas, which rocked Venezuela in the 1960s and at least until the 1970s. Support for the Communist Revolution in Cuba and its supreme and late leader Fidel Castro (1926-2016).

After the failed coup, the then lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez (1954-2013) Launched in February 1992 against Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez, a large number of Venezuelan politicians and intellectuals affiliated with the UCV joined “Savismo”. When Chavez came to power through the electoral system in 1999, the Venezuelan regime was given roles from the UCV.

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However, in a process triggered by the deepening socio-economic, political and institutional crisis that has worsened since 2014 in Venezuela, the university has become a point of constant questioning against the Venezuelan regime.

Maduro’s attack on UCV

Arguing that he had been re-elected in 2018 in fraudulent elections by more than fifty governments not known as president since January 2019, Maduro announced on October 28, “If bitten, I would have approved $ 40 million. The recovery of UCV has begun ”.

Maduro, who toured the university on the 21st of this month, attacked the leaders of the student center: they promised it would be “destroyed and abandoned” and compared the condition of the facilities to the Retén de Catia prison in Caracas. Since 1966, it has been demolished in 1997 due to human congestion.

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In response to the President, the Council condemned him for making an “untimely and nightly visit” to our headquarters in Caracas, and made it clear that Maduro should consolidate his position and inauguration and that the UCV is an autonomous and democratic organization. Officials at the university to formalize your visit and your tour.

“In the same way, the appointment of a guardian for the ‘UCV’ is unconstitutional and legal.

He said UCV’s comparisons with the missing Retén de Catia prison were “unacceptable”.

Under the leadership of the “Three Centuries” UCV, Venezuelan universities have gone through three centuries of difficult struggles in creating alternative generations in “classrooms, laboratories and libraries,” he argued.

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“It is reasonable to think about its security and safety as it has paved the way for the scientific, social, cultural and political progress of the nation,” he stressed.

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Rejecting any act or policy that would be an attack on university autonomy, the Council argued that “it would be wise and virtuous if the education of a nation were based on respect for the fundamental principles and values ​​of man.”

News against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro can be found on various sites at Venezuelan Central University. Photo: El Nacional / GDA

Central University Fund

With Maduro’s announcement that he had approved $ 40 million to repair UCV’s physics plant, the council warned the Presidential Commission to coordinate with university officials, but the research center was able to resist for 22 years in the face of financial problems. Institutions imposed by the government in 1999 with its late leader, Hugo Chavez, As the maximum leader.

“Reduced and diverted budgets, suppression of formal education, administrative, maintenance costs,” use of programs not provided for in the law and confiscation to manage salaries with other inconsistencies, he pointed out.

“They do not send any kind of funds to universities in violation of the National Administrative Act for these purposes,” he said.

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