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Image for Canon article introduces smart camera for photographer and photographer

Photo: Canon

If you like to take multiple photos, then you may have the philosophy of not appearing in anything. Powershot PX just doesn’t fix it. In fact, it frees you from the hassle of being photographed at your parties or celebrations.

Canon calls the PX “your personal photographer”, which is definitely an appropriate definition. The camera is not exactly reflex or compact. This is a small tabletop camera. Once placed in a corner, it is dedicated to taking photos of those around it and automatically uploading them to your mobile (it also stores them locally on the micro SD card.

Powershot PX connects to mobile via Bluetooth or WiFi, And Controls from the mobile app, in which we can define how often we want to take a photo. The camera not only recognizes faces, but also automatically frames and focuses using Thrix Zoom.You. In the application, you can configure the option to automatically discard blurry photos and keep the best ones. It also records video at 1080p at 60fps. The best feature is that it also responds to voice commands, so if we say “Pixie A Big A Big” or “Pixie Record Video” it will switch to where we are and start recording. For example, if we use it on a birthday and we want it to be fixed on the person we meet, we can configure it so that it is on one face above the others.

Image for Canon article introduces smart camera for photographer and photographer

Photo: Canon

The lens of the Powershot PX is equal to 19-57 on the 35mm lens. Its moving turret allows it to rotate 340 degrees, or tilt vertically at 110. Its battery allows for 2, 3 or 5 hours of use depending on how often you want to take photos. We are talking about autonomy with the battery, of course, if it is plugged into the charging power, it will work until it fills its memory card.

Although specially designed for taking photos during family events, the PX is a very interesting gadget in other settings. Its ability to record video, for example, for streaming or VIDSeparate eoblogging. The Canon Powershot PX goes on sale in black or white on November 28 for 9 479.[[[[Canon]

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