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It was the tragic situation that led to NASA banning the song of an American performer.

The singer we talked about was A.J Fond of space and stars when she is young. This had caused a huge impact on his person The stage name is based on this intriguing flair.

We are talking about Legendary Stardust Cowboy (Which will be in Spanish Legendary cowboy stardust). he is First artist who – unofficially – a Forbidden song in space.

What is the song that NASA banned from its space flights?

originally from texas, Legendary Stardust Cowboy always I dreamed with being The first person to set foot on the moon. This affected the fact that his artistic nickname was associated with Stardust (Stardust).

One of his greatest hits is entitled “paralyzed”, a song in print of 500 copies. Although he initially achieved local popularity, his fame began to grow little by little, until it reached It happened from another planet.

It turns out that in 1973 she chose NASA “paralyzed” as The alarm is used when astronauts start to feel sleepy. However, this song was Serious consequences for the crew from spaceships.

Why did NASA ban the “paralyzed”?

That being said Astronauts who were awakened by this song They were very upset. This could have caused such pain Mass hysteria in the crew, which is why it was discontinued.

the middle Far Out Magazineexplains that it was discovered that The effects of this song caused his performance to decline During the subsequent tasks they had to do.

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Because of this, the US government research And he took A decision to remove this song in future assignments.

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