UPL requests a solution for the roof of Espacio Vías

municipal group Union of the Lyonian People (UPL) in the city council demands a solution deck For the youth department building in space tracks. The building that was less than 12 years old has lost its beginning plant cover which contributed a natural and ecologically interesting element to the whole, but this has all but vanished,” they point out to proponents of Leonist. Which means that “the roof is left without plants and an unattractive aspect of neglect for the aforementioned use in the building which comes to join the eternal amalgamation of Five that never arrives,” said Leon City Council member Enrique Valdion.

UPL aims to take into account that the low height of the building makes its roof visible from neighboring areas, so they advocate a “solution for this space that could consist of either the restoration of the initial vegetation cover or the installation of solar panels in which the energy consumption is not consumed. Only the above-mentioned building has been preserved, but Also for old bus houses where various events of all kinds take place,” Valdion insists.

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