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Hearing next Thursday, September 15 in front Where (FPF) will also establish its position in Chile’s case for false citizenship of the footballer.

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As a guest in a process like the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), the national organization will present its arguments in Switzerland. According to La Tercera newspaper, the FPF will be present and demonstrate in support of the Chilean complaint, arguing that the defender was actually born in Colombia.

While FIFA decided to file a case in June, allaying Ecuador’s fears of possible expulsion from the World Cup, Chile went before the appeals committee of world football’s governing body, where the player was called to testify this Thursday.

However, Leon’s side in the audience was almost ruled out. “He will not appear in person or telematically at the FIFA hearing on the 15th.”, Andres Holguin, Byron Castillo’s lawyer, said after playing the audio that the defense would acknowledge that he is Colombian by birth.

That’s the audio used in Byron’s lawsuit against Ecuador’s civil registry. At that hearing it could never be determined that it was Byron’s voice and was dismissed as evidence. It is not valid“, he added.

The ‘Daily Mail’ this Monday listed, “unusual expression“Audio and Castillo promised to be there”He clearly says he was born in 1995, not 1998, as stated on his Ecuadorian birth certificate.”.

Likewise, the British newspaper claimed that FEF 2019 had determined that Castillo was an Ecuadorian citizen, although the tabloid later asserted that Castillo “.The Ecuadorian federation, which admitted to using a false passport, covered it up”.

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The FEF has announced that it has been called to an inquiry convened by FIFA, and the player has also been called in due to claims by Peru’s ANFP that he was kicked out by Australia at the play-off stage. Chile was ranked seventh, below Colombia.

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