4 recent changes in the cabinet of Bukhel government

Among the new officials is Juan Carlos Pidecon, the new interior minister, who is the son of the current education minister.

The appointments of at least four new government officials to change positions in some state departments were announced this Wednesday.

In the afternoon, President Naib Boukel swore in the new Interior Minister Juan Carlos Bidegaon, the son of education leader Carla Hanania de Varela, as El Diario de Hoi was verified with official documents.

Bukel noted on his Twitter account that Pidecon had been part of his government since its inception:

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Pidecon will take over from Mario Turan, who heads the company, and will take over as mayor of San Salvador a few weeks after winning the election last February.

Juan Carlos Pidecon, the son of the current Minister of Education, will be the new head of the Hanania Interior. Photo courtesy: Twitter account: aynayibbukele

It was previously reported that Pablo Unliger had been fired as head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG). Although the announcement that he has been fired has not been officially released by the administration, Unliger has already withdrawn his position from his Twitter account.

He has been replaced by David Martinez, a veterinarian who graduated from Mexico’s National Autonomous University, who worked at Senta and was also the Director General of Veterinary at MAG.

David Martinez is the new Minister of Agriculture. He was succeeded by Conan Castro, the legal secretary to the president. Commercial Chart / twitter.com/Meganoticias19/status/1379894374784507904?s=20

The cabinet reshuffle comes just days after the list of corrupt people in Central America was announced, many of which will be named by Salvador officials.

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Also, as confirmed by government sources for the El Foro newspaper, Rolando will be in charge of overseeing the Priscilla Financial Organization (SSF).

Priscilla will replace Rogelio Rivas with Hector Gustavo Villadoro, who will take over as the new Minister of Justice and Defense on March 26.

Buckley confirmed that the change in the Ministry of Defense would lead to a “new vision” in the fight against crime. Photo: Honors / Secretary to the President

Rivas has been directing the state portfolio since Naib Bukhale took office on June 1, 2019. The president did not elaborate on the reason for Rivas’ departure.

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In the afternoon, Buckell announced another change: the creation of a National Directorate of Municipal Works with GOES funds, which would be “responsible for approving projects requested by mayors”, he explained.

The officer in charge of this direction is Alvaro O’Byrne, the current director of FOVIAL.

When he was the new director of FOVIAL, Buke confirmed to Alexander Ernesto Beltron, the director of public works construction and maintenance at MOP.

Alexander Ernesto Peltron is the new director of FOVIAL. Photo: Courtesy aynaiibbukele

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