The Lacardo domination unit was tested by traces of the crime of Efron Ruwals | Security | News

Investigators believe at least three people may have been involved in the TV presenter’s assassination.

When the actor and presenter left a gymnasium, Ephron Rual’s killers each received ten thousand dollars to carry out the January 27 crime in the north of Guayaquil.

Investigators believe at least three people may have been involved in the TV presenter’s assassination.

In the early hours of this Saturday, February 13, a search was conducted for three houses in Guasmo, south of the main port.

The diligence came after it was revealed that there were signs of murder in those houses through taxes approved by the government ministry. This was revealed by Major Miguel Egos, the new head of the Violent Death Squad of Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Duran and Samboronton).

According to the EquivoVisa news broadcast covering the trial, a minor was transferred to the attorney’s office for questioning, but he was released a few hours later, however, Major Egos assured that no arrests would be made and that every tip received would be investigated.

Police intervention on Saturday took place in a lizard-dominated area. In fact, on the walls of the houses was the logo of the organization, which police believe was behind the person who was attacked by the gunmen of this gang.

Prosecuting attorney Vector Gonzalez promised to link several people to the case and to work closely to identify those involved in the incident.

A bond trial is scheduled for next week, which will include two people who have been remanded in custody for other offenses.

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So far, Casket, alias Casket, who was arrested in the early hours of February 5 for the crime of robbery, is safe in prison 4 in Quito.

In several videos he was said to have been stolen from appearing in a car, which was later used by hitmen to assassinate the Royals.

Last week authorities pointed out that the murder was ordered from prison, which was revealed in its first edition by the 18-year-old Casquet.

Several close associates of Ruwals gave their version last week. (I)

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