Spectacular northern lights can be found in the south as far as North Carolina | Univision News United States

This Saturday, an impressive show Aurora borealis Can be found in some northern states of the United States, After last October 28th The The sun began to erupt And caused a strong geomagnetic storm.

The Space Weather Forecast Center has announced the potential impacts of a geomagnetic storm on power grid operators, satellite operators, airlines and other customers.

“Geomagnetic storms on Earth Power grids can affect navigation systems GPS and radio and satellite telecommunications. ”

According to Space.com, solar flares were the second most powerful this year.

Northern lights, something very serious

The storm is classified as G3, the third largest in the world Geomagnetic storm Five levels of NOAA. (G1 is small, G5 is intense). G3 storm monitoring will be in effect on Earth on both Saturday and Sunday.

Precisely these geomagnetic storms are the only ones that can create spectacular auroras on Earth. Includes the possibility of auroras from the forecast for this geomagnetic storm Up to Portland, Oregon, New York City. They may also be visible south of the horizon Carson City, Nevada, Oklahoma City and Raleigh, North Carolina.

“It would be a great show for people in the middle and high latitudes of the United States for auroras,” says C. Said Alex Young. NASA A Space.com.

Saturday night they are expected to be better appreciated. If there are clouds around, you will not be able to see them. The effects of this geomagnetic storm are expected to subside early next week.

The southern lights, known as the ‘Aurora Astralis’, are also visible at the southern tip of the planet.

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