Is the iPhone 15 in sight? They reveal the details of what the new Apple cell phone will be


There has been a lot of speculation about Apple’s new generation of smart cell phones, but few details have been revealed in recent weeks. Samples of iPhone 15.

We read it in El País de España The Pro version will use the same 48MP main camera as the 14 Pro version. As for the specifications of the Pro Max, the rumor mill is rife The sensor will be Sony IMX90311% larger than the one used in the current iPhone 14 Pro.

It is also said The iPhone 15 Pro Max could be the first Apple model with four sensors On the rear camera: 16 MP periscope will be added, a larger lens that will improve the optical zoom (3x to 6x) to achieve more close-up and better quality images.

As for the design, it will be Titanium finish on the chassis, updated action button and A17 Bionic SoC processor (fast and efficient).

Spanish YouTuber Manuel Prol also showed off some of the innovations in this new iPhone family. The first thing he explained This generation is made up of four models: 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

Rumors suggest that the size will change. that is, 15 from 6.1 inches to 6.2 inches, for example. “The biggest change will be seen more in design,” he added. In Pro versions, the most significant innovation will be in the change of the port: Moving from Lightning to USB-C.

Another feature: It is very curved in its design in glass and frame. “The rear camera module is larger, indicating that Apple has updated the camera system to improve sensitivity and size. On pages you will see a change, for example, in block controlsThey will be buttons built into the device itself, like the button on the iPhone 7, which cannot be pressed,” said Prohl.

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The mute button also gets a redesign: Small and round in shape. According to Spanish, the normal versions (15 and 15 Plus) will not have these design changes.

Regarding performance: Pro versions will upgrade the RAM: 6 GB to 8 GB. The other two models will continue with 6GB.

The release date will be at the end of September during the Apple eventThere may also be news about the Apple Watch and the brand’s mixed reality headsets.

The upcoming Apple brand’s next big event Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5 News related to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS will be announced at Apple Park in California.

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