Cubans block the street in Havana’s Paseo del Prado

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Wednesday May 3, 2023

A group of neighbors blocked the street in protest in the middle of Paseo del Prado in Havana this Tuesday.

Images shared on social media show Cubans bumping into pots while blocking the way with furniture, bins and other large objects.

“Yes, there was a protest in the Prado. This picture was taken 5 minutes ago in the area where the street was blocked by a group, they tell me that they live in the same block. Blocking one of the streets is the famous Paseo del Prado de la Habana with their belongings and cauldrons,” activist Adelth Bon Gamboa wrote on Facebook.

As he said, the event took place on Prado and Virtus streets. “If you see a heavy police presence and state security agents dressed in civilian clothes… it should be noted that this is happening in one of the most central areas of the capital,” he added.

Many users condemned the internet cuts after the protest in Paseo del Prado this Tuesday.

“I’m posting this because I feel a negative energy in the environment, because I’m on the street right now due to personal and medical circumstances, and because I think the internet shutdown will catch me on the way. For me, I’m holding the Cuban dictatorship accountable. . . . reporting is not a crime,” Bon Gamboa said. He warned shortly after reporting what happened on his social networks.

No other details of the demonstration, which is taking place amid a tense climate due to the country’s economic crisis, have been released so far.

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Fuel shortages have not only brought traffic to a standstill, but power outages have returned across the country.

There are currently more than a thousand political prisoners in Cuba after massive protests on July 11, 2021, where more than 90 towns and cities on the island took to the streets to demand changes.

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